Our Story

Founded in 1989, Commercial Developments International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kajima USA. CDI’s mission is to build a portfolio of commercial real estate assets in the United States that will offer superior risk-adjusted returns. Generally these assets will be office buildings, but CDI has the experience and flexibility to pursue investments in other property types as well.



Our Philosophy

  • Rigorous in our analysis
  • Creative in our transactions
  • Complete integrity

Our Strategy

Our strategy is threefold, encompassing opportunistic situations with a relatively short life cycle, more conservative holdings which we may own for a longer period of time, and a grouping of “other” investments that do not neatly fall within either of the above categories but for a combination of reasons make compelling investments.

Opportunistic acquisitions may include assets that we believe have been mismanaged and to which we can add value through our hands-on ownership; properties that have physical or capital issues that our capabilities can resolve; and/or markets that our analysis leads us to believe are poised for growth and are therefore currently mispriced.

Our flexibility allows us to address unique situations that present excellent real estate investment vehicles that may not fall neatly within the above two categories.

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Our Team


Alan T. Kessler - President and CEO 

Mr. Kessler joined CDI in 1991, and has guided it through numerous acquisitions and developments.  He has a broad range of experience including development, acquisition and construction. He holds a design degree from Carnegie Mellon University. 

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Robert Rylee – Senior Vice President

With 25 years’ experience in real estate investment, Mr. Rylee is responsible for the origination, acquisition and financing of investments at CDI. He joined the firm in 2002 and is a graduate of New York Law School and the University of Texas.

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David McPike – Senior Analyst

Mr. McPike recently joined CDI and is responsible for due diligence, asset management, and investment underwriting. He has a depth of experience and excels in complex financial analysis. Mr. McPike received his Bachelors degree in Economics from Northwestern University.


Lynn DeNonno – Executive Assistant

Ms. DeNonno coordinates all facets of CDI’s internal operations and is liaison to Kajima USA. She has been involved in numerous Kajima operations for over three decades. Ms. DeNonno is a graduate of Hunter College and holds a graduate degree from Brooklyn College.